A Look into the Tiny Dice House Design

A Look into the Tiny Dice House Design

We know nothing beats experiencing and living in the Tiny Dice House IRL, but in the meantime, as you're patiently waiting for the Tiny Dice House to be built, let us take you through the Design Concept and a virtual tour of the Exterior, Interior and Site Plan.

The Design Concept

We love board games and nature, so we just wanted to seamlessly combine these two things into a cohesive, livable structure. Easy peasy.

Our idea came from combining our love of board games with our love of nature. The image shows an equation adding an image of a board game to an image of trees, and then a weird looking overlay of the two.

Okay, so maybe we had a lot of awkward drafts before we landed on our final idea...

Eventually, we focused on having a pair of dice be the central component of the design and nestling the build in the woods. 

The inspiration behind the Tiny Dice House

Our vision was for the Tiny Dice House to represent a destination for play but also a zen space to truly unwind in nature.

The Exterior

Even after we settled on featuring a pair of dice for the build, it went through a few iterations:

The design of the Tiny Dice House went through a few iterations to early versions having stilts to a cleaner design of just a pair of stacked dice.

The evolution of the exterior design was intended to make the Tiny Dice House look like undisturbed jumbo dice. Each progression of the design attempted to magnify the whimsical experience of stumbling upon a giant pair of stacked dice by tucking away the railings, stilts, and other aspects that readily hint that the structure is a house. In other words, we wanted our guests' brains to register mega dice first, home second.

Here's a 360° view of the exterior of the Tiny Dice House:

The 360 view of the exterior of the Tiny Dice House, a unique tiny home build in Greenville, South Carolina.

The other "dice-y" element that we wanted to preserve was the orientation of the "dots" or windows — opposite sides of a die should add up to 7. We had to be thoughtful about this because the placement of the windows would also affect the arrangement of the Tiny Dice House's interior.

The Interior

The first floor of the Tiny Dice House will include your day-to-day essentials, a kitchenette, small dining area and a full bathroom, with a Tetris-themed walk-in shower and a loft bedroom tucked behind a giant Jenga block-inspired spiral staircase:

Tiny Dice House First Floor Interior

Tiny Dice House First Floor Interior

Heading up the Jenga block staircase and through a remote-operated trap door will bring you to the second floor of the Tiny Dice House. This is where you'll find a plethora of board games waiting for you, as well as a second loft, in case you need to take a nap after concentrating too hard after an intense game of Set or stare at the ceiling to hallucinate chess moves, like in The Queen's Gambit:

Tiny Dice House Second Floor Interior

Tiny Dice House Second Floor Interior

Both floors will have skylights, and feature windows on every side of the stacked dice structure, allowing natural light to pour in.

Site Plan

Tucked away in a corner of a wooded lot at the base of Paris Mountain, the Tiny Dice House is a private getaway surrounded by trees with the occasional herd of snooping deer.

The site plan for the Tiny Dice House, which is situated near Paris Mountain, SC.

There will be a cleared area to the east side of the Tiny Dice House where you can play lawn games. A colorful boardwalk pathway leading to the structure from the driveway and lined with warp pipes will be sure to evoke classic game nostalgia.

The Tiny Dice House will have a colorful board walk leading up to the structure.

There are still so many more creative elements that we can't wait to think through and incorporate as we go through the process of actually building the Tiny Dice House!

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I have to say,….SC never seemed so close!!! 🤣😂 I’d drive 12 hours to stay here. Thank you for sharing your passion! Truly a great idea!!

Carmen Eaborn

This is amazing!! I loved seeing the thorough documentation of your creative process- what a joy! Best of wishes and smooth sailing on the build. I look forward to seeing it materialized ✨!

Paola Acosta

Awwww I want to be the first one visiting … can’t wait … very exciting!

Sony Figueroa

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