16 of the Best Dice Board Games to Play

16 of the Best Dice Board Games to Play

As board game lovers and creators of the Tiny Dice House – a real-life tiny house in the shape of a giant pair of stacked dice nestled in the woods, you can be sure that we love playing games involving dice!  

Dice games have been captivating board game lovers and players for centuries, offering a blend of luck, strategy, and excitement. Whether you're a casual board gamer looking for a quick and enjoyable pastime or a competitive board game enthusiast seeking new challenges, there's a dice game out there for you!

In this post, we'll roll the dice and explore some of the best dice games that are worth playing and sure to provide hours of entertainment.

1. Yahtzee

Yahtzee Best Dice Games

Yahtzee is a classic, beloved dice game that has stood the test of time. In this game, players roll five dice with the aim of achieving specific combinations, such as straights, three of a kind, and the coveted Yahtzee (five of a kind). Strategy comes into play when deciding which combinations to aim for and which to sacrifice. The game's simplicity and competitiveness make it a favorite at family gatherings and game nights. There are even various themed versions of Yahtzee like Yahtzee National Parks or Yahtzee Spam!

Better yet, you can now play Yahtzee anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone with the Yahtzee with Buddies app. Download it here and challenge us to a game (search for tinydicehouse or tinydicebuddies on the app).

Number of players: 2+

2. Farkle

Farkle best dice games

Farkle, also known as Zonk or 10,000, is a game of risk and reward. Players roll six dice and score points based on specific combinations, like three of a kind or a straight. The catch is that if you don't roll any scoring dice on your turn, you lose all your accumulated points for that round. Farkle is an addictive game that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats as they decide when to press their luck and when to play it safe.

Number of players: 2+

3. Roll for the Galaxy

Roll for the Galaxy best dice gamesRoll for the Galaxy takes dice games to a whole new level with its deep strategy and sci-fi theme. Players build galactic civilizations by rolling custom dice representing various actions and resources. The game offers a perfect balance between luck and strategy, as players must adapt to the roll of the dice while planning their empire's growth. With its rich gameplay and expansion packs, Roll for the Galaxy offers endless possibilities and re-playability. 

Number of players: 2-5

4. King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo best dice gamesKing of Tokyo combines dice rolling with monster mayhem. Players take on the roles of giant creatures battling for control of Tokyo. The dice determine actions such as attacking other monsters, healing, and earning points. The game's simplicity and engaging theme make it accessible to players of all ages. It's an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced gamers and now comes in multiple themes such Halloween, Monster Island or King of New York.

Number of players: 2-6

5. Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll best dice gamesSushi Roll is a delightful twist on the classic card game Sushi Go! In this dice game, players draft dice representing sushi dishes with various point values and special abilities. The game's colorful and whimsical design, combined with its accessible gameplay, make it a fantastic choice for family game nights or introducing newcomers to the world of dice games.

Number of players: 2-5

6. Sagrada

Sagrada best dice gamesSagrada is a unique dice game that combines elements of puzzle-solving and artistic expression. Players take on the role of stained glass artisans creating beautiful window designs for the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. The challenge lies in drafting and placing colorful dice to match specific patterns and restrictions on your personal player board. Sagrada's combination of strategy and aesthetics makes it a delightful and visually stunning game.

Number of players: 4

7. Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice Game

If you're looking for a quick and easy dice game to enjoy during a coffee break or while waiting for your food at a restaurant, Zombie Dice is an excellent choice. In this game, players take on the roles of hungry zombies, rolling dice to determine whether they've managed to feast on the brains of their victims. The game's simplicity and portability make it a great choice for casual gamers. Plus, it's the perfect board game for a spooky Halloween night.

Number of players: 2+

8. Pandemic: The Fall of Rome

Pandemic Fall of Rome Best Dice GamesPandemic: The Fall of Rome is a dice-driven variation of the popular cooperative board game Pandemic. In this version, players work together to prevent the fall of the Roman Empire by battling diseases and barbarian invasions. Dice represent different actions, and teamwork is essential to succeed. The game's thematic twist and strategic gameplay make it an exciting addition to the Pandemic series especially if you're already a fan of the original Pandemic cooperative board game!

Number of players: 1-5

9. Qwixx

Qwixx Fun Dice Games

Qwixx is a simple yet addictive dice game that combines elements of luck and strategy as players try to mark off numbers on their scorecards. While simple to play, each decision is crucial – the more numbers you cross off, the more points you score. With no downtime between turns you’ll have a chance to gain from each and every roll. This quick-playing dice game that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. 

Number of players: 2-5

10. Can't Stop 

Can't Stop best dice board games

Can't Stop is a press-your-luck dice game that involves risk and reward decisions where players race to the top of three columns by rolling dice and making strategic decisions. You must decide when to press your luck and when to stop rolling to preserve your progress. The objective is to advance your game pieces (represented by markers on a board) up three different tracks, each associated with a pair of dice. It's a game that combines elements of strategy, probability, and tactics.

Number of players: 2-4

11. Bunco

Bunco fun dice games

Bunco is a great social dice game that is often played in large groups with 12 or more people divided into tables of four players each. The game of chance is often associated with social gatherings, such as parties, and is known for its simple rules and fast-paced, lively gameplay. The objective of Bunco is to roll specific combinations of numbers on the dice to earn points and progress through the game. The target number for each round is the number of the round (e.g., during Round 1, you aim to roll ones, and during Round 2, you aim to roll twos).

Number of players: 12+

12. Tenzi

Tenzi best dice games to play

Tenzi is a fast-paced dice game that is designed for 2 to 4 players, but can also be played with larger groups if you have additional sets of dice. The game is known for its simplicity and quick gameplay, making it a popular choice for parties, family gatherings, and casual gaming. The game comes with a set of 40 six-sided dice, each of a different color, and the objective is straightforward: be the first to roll all of your ten dice to match the same number.

Number of players: 2-4

13. Liar's Dice

Liar's Dice best dice board games to play

Liar's Dice is a game that combines elements of probability, strategy, and deception. Players must gauge their opponents' honesty and make clever bids to stay in the game while avoiding being caught in a lie. The game can be played in a lighthearted manner or with a more serious poker-like approach, depending on the preferences of the players. It's a social and interactive game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players.

Number of players: 2+

14. Dittle

Dittle best dice games to play

Dittle is a fast and easy to learn dice strategy board game where you tilt and jump dice to get to the other side. But it's not enough to just make it to the other side first, you score points based on the face value of the dice that reach the other side and the highest score wins! It's easier to learn than chess but more strategic than checkers and can be played in just 15 minutes.

Number of players: 2

15. Dice of Fury

Dice of Fury best dice games to play

Dice of Fury is a quick dice game where everyone plays all at once. A different challenge in each round (first player to win 10 rounds wins the game) keeps all players thinking fast and utilizing their mental math skills. To start the game, you flip a challenge card and then start rolling (and re-rolling!) racing to get the right combos to fill your dice holder. Finished first? Hurry to grab the Furious Jumbo Die in the center of the game to win the round.

Number of players: 2-4

16. Dice Town

Dice Town best dice games to play

Dice Town is a strategy dice board game set in the American Wild West that combines elements of dice rolling, resource management, and player interaction. In "Dice Town," players take on the roles of prospectors and gamblers trying to strike it rich in the bustling town. The game revolves around rolling custom dice and making strategic decisions. The game continues over several rounds, and players accumulate victory points through property deeds, poker hands, and other in-game mechanics. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Number of players: 2-5


Dice games offer a unique blend of chance and strategy that appeals to a wide range of game enthusiasts and board game players. Whether you're trying to score the perfect Yahtzee, test your luck in Farkle, build an empire in Roll for the Galaxy, battle monsters in King of Tokyo, or enjoy the flavors of Sushi Roll, these dice games provide endless hours of entertainment and opportunities for fun with friends and family.  

So gather your loved ones, grab some dice, and embark on a gaming adventure with these best dice board games.


Which is your favorite dice game? What other board games would you like to see included at the Tiny Dice House? 

Let us know in the comments below and be sure to reserve your stay here at the Tiny Dice House when it launches!

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