20 Halloween Costume Ideas for Dice & Board Game Lovers

20 Halloween Costume Ideas for Dice & Board Game Lovers

Halloween is just around the corner, and for those who love all things dice, tabletop and board games, it's the perfect time to combine your passion for games with your love for dressing up!
Whether you're a classic board games enthusiast, a video gamer, or simply someone who appreciates the mathematical elegance of dice, there are plenty of creative costume ideas to make your Halloween memorable.
Here's a list of 20 fun and unique Halloween costume ideas for dice and board game lovers.

1. A Pair of Dice

Cute Halloween Costume of a Pair of Dice

If you're going to a Halloween party with a friend or as a couple, why not go as a pair of dice? This cute and easy costume requires minimal effort. Both partners can wear matching black outfits and attach large white dots (representing dice pips) on their clothing or vice versa. You can also go all out and make giant dice costumes out of cardboard cutouts. To complete the look, add some dice headbands or hats. It's a simple, yet fun and creative costume idea that will have you and your bestie rolling into any Halloween party in style.

2. The Yahtzee Champion

Yahtzee board game halloween costume

Yahtzee enthusiasts can show off their love for the classic dice game by dressing as a Yahtzee champion. One idea is to wear a retro-style bowling shirt, accessorize with dice-themed jewelry, and carry a scorecard and a tiny Yahtzee cup. To make your costume even more convincing, invite your friends to join in as fellow players, each representing different combinations on the scorecard. If you have a group of 5, you can all dress up as the same dice to represent getting a "Yahtzee"! Bonus: Make your costumes colorful to spice things up!

3. Monopoly Pieces

Monopoly Halloween Costume Idea

Show off your love for one of the most popular board games of all time by dressing up as iconic Monopoly pieces. There are so many ideas to choose from if you're going for a Monopoly theme! One idea is to wear a classic black suit, add a monocle, and carry around a "Get Out of Jail Free" card as a prop. You'll be the picture of board game elegance. Or get a group of friends to all dress up as a different Monopoly game piece.

4. Jenga Tower Block 

Jenga Block Halloween Costume Idea

If you love tumbling blocks, then dressing up as the classic Jenga game is another great Halloween costume idea. You could even be creative and make one of the wooden block pieces of the costume removable!

5. Tetris

Tetris Halloween Costume Idea

One of our favorite childhood games that will never get old. In fact, our nostalgia for Tetris inspired us to make a tetris-themed shower for our Tiny Dice House that you can see here, but I digress. Tetris is a fun and colorful Halloween costume idea for any game lover whether you're going as a solo Tetris piece or with a group of friends who all just fit together. 

6. Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube Halloween Costume

Showoff your nerdy side with an iconic Rubik's Cube costume for Halloween. You can either make a life size Rubik's Cube or wear clothing that already has the Rubik's Cube design printed on it. Either way, it'll be universally recognizable and appreciated by other game enthusiasts out there.

7. Scrabble Tile

Scrabble Tile Word Board Game Halloween Costume

One of the most iconic board games out there is Scrabble, and dressing up as a Scrabble tile is a creative and recognizable choice especially if you love word games. You can fashion a giant cardboard tile with your chosen letter and score value. Wear all black or white clothing and hang the tile around your neck. If you're going as a group, each friend can represent a different letter, and you can form words throughout the night.

8. The Board Game Ensemble

Board Game Ensemble Halloween Costume Idea

For a group of friends, consider going as a board game ensemble so you can maximize the variety of board games you represent! Each member of the group can dress up as a different board game character or piece. You can have someone as a Scrabble tile, a Battleship ship, a Clue character, and so on. It's a fantastic way to showcase the diversity of board games while creating a visually appealing and dynamic group costume.

9. Candy Land Characters

Candy Land Halloween Costume Idea

Candy Land is a beloved childhood game with its colorful characters and whimsical world. Bring these characters to life by dressing as King Kandy, Princess Lolly, Lord Licorice, or any of the other sweet inhabitants of the Candy Land kingdom. This costume is not only adorable, fun and colorful, but nostalgic too!

10. Jumanji Adventurer

Jumanji Board Game Halloween Costume

Take a journey into the world of Jumanji by dressing as an intrepid adventurer. Wear explorer attire, complete with a safari hat and a toy rifle. Don't forget to carry a game board with the Jumanji logo to complete your look. For added effect, add some jungle-themed props and sound effects for the mysterious atmosphere of the game.

11. Chess Pieces


Chess is a timeless game, and its pieces are iconic. Choose your favorite chess piece, be it a rook, knight, or queen, and create a costume inspired by that piece. These costumes can be simple or elaborate, depending on your preference. Get a group of friends together to form a full chessboard. Or if you're going for a more pop culture reference, dress up as the Queen's Gambit and carry around a chess board with you so you can defeat anyone who dare challenges you to a game. 

12. Checker Board

Checker Board Halloween Costume

Similar to chess, a checker board is another classic board game that can be turned into a fun Halloween costume. There are a plethora of things that have a checker board design that you can simply wear or repurpose by putting a fun, modern twist on whether that's by changing up the colors of the checker board or going for a more abstract checker board look.

13. Operation Doctor

Operation Board Game Halloween Costume Idea

For those who love the classic game Operation, you can transform into the "doctor" trying to remove various body parts without setting off the buzzer. Wear a white lab coat, add a red nose (representing the patient's nose), and carry a pair of tweezers. It's a humorous and instantly recognizable costume choice.

14. Guess Who

Guess Who Halloween Costume


While it won't be hard to guess who you are in this Halloween outfit, it's still a very cute idea especially as a Halloween costume for couples. You and your partner can each be a different character from Guess Who. This board game costume idea is simple to make and can easily be done as a weekend DIY project!

15. Twister

Twister Board Game Costume Idea

A throwback to another popular childhood game. Dressing up as the Twister board game is easy and recognizable. You can DIY the entire outfit yourself or purchase ready-made Twister outfits. It's fun, colorful, and easily recognizable.

16. Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan Board Game Halloween Costume Idea

17. Scattergories Dice

Scattergories dice halloween costume idea

Another fun classic board game enjoyed by players of all ages is Scattergories. Turn this classic word game into a Halloween costume by dressing up as the Scattergories dice which feature letters instead of numbers as the face of the dice. Pair it with a score card and categories list and you're all set!

18. D20 Dice Adventurer

D20 Dice Dungeons and Dragons Halloween Costume

Continuing the dice theme, you can also consider dressing up as a D20 dice.  For all the Dungeons & Dragons fans and adventurers, you can get creative and dress up as a simple knight or warrior as your base outfit and then accessorize with a giant foam or inflatable D20 dice prop that you can carry with you wherever you go. Add a foam sword and shield for extra flair, and you're ready to embark on your quest for candy.

19. Connect 4

Connect 4 Halloween Costume Idea

A simple and fast game, Connect 4 has been beloved by classic board game enthusiasts around the world. It's often featured as game room decor, a giant size lawn game, and even as a Halloween costume. You can get creative with colors and materials when turning this game into a memorable outfit.

20. Gameboy

gameboy halloween costume idea

Take a walk down memory lane and dress up as a Gameboy for Halloween. This classic handheld video game console brings back fond memories of endless hours of fun and gaming for countless people. You can go for a retro Gameboy look or a more updated look with a more modern version of the console. 


At the end of the day, Halloween is all about creativity and self-expression, and whether you're a classic board game enthusiast, dice lover, or just love a good Halloween costume, you have a unique opportunity to combine your passion for tabletop games with your costume choices.

These dice and board game themed costume ideas are sure to delight fellow gamers and bring a touch of gaming flair to your Halloween celebrations. So, roll the dice, choose your favorite costume idea, and let the Halloween fun begin.

We hope these Halloween board game costume ideas gave you a good starting point to unleash your creativity and love of board games and dressing up! 


Got another cool board game or dice themed Halloween costume idea? Share it with us below!

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