List of the 100 Airbnb OMG! Fund Contest Winners

List of the 100 Airbnb OMG! Fund Contest Winners

After finding out that we were one of the winners of the Airbnb OMG! Fund competition, we couldn’t help but do a little light stalking of the other winners and were mind-blown at how creative and amazing everyone else’s designs and visions were. It’s an honor to even be amongst this group. 

Just to recap for those who are unfamiliar with this contest – Airbnb launched a $10M OMG! Fund initiative to help bring the craziest stays to life as part of their OMG! category of unique stays.

  • 100 winners around the world were selected to receive $100k each to build their idea
  • All homes must be built and listed exclusively on Airbnb’s platform by August 2023

We wanted to highlight the list of all the winners from around the world along with their amazing design ideas so you can include all of these stays as part of your bucket list. :)  

*Please note that not all winners have shared their designs publicly so their design and social media accounts may not be included in this post.

List of all 100 Airbnb OMG! Fund winners: 

1. 23m Tower with 360 Degree, 40 Mile Views - Matthew G., United Kingdom

Tonwell Tower Airbnb OMG! Fund Winners

2. A-Frame on Top of a Norman House Surrounded by Nature - Anne T., France

Airbnb OMG! Fund Winners A-Frame on Top of a Norman House Surrounded by Nature - Anne T., France

3. Acorn Library With Treehouse Outdoor Acorn Bath - Peter C., United Kingdom

4. Adobe Fossilized Dinosaur Skull in Desert - Haylee M., United States

Airbnb OMG! Fund Winners Adobe Fossilized Dinosaur Skull in Desert - Haylee M., United States

5. Ancestral Lava Cave in a Volcano - Fernando B., Chile


6. Atomic Oasis in the Chihuahuan Desert - Cari B., (TX, United States)

Atomic Oasis in the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas

7. Bauhaus Bao House in the LA Mountains - Rei W., United States 

8. Big Foot’s Cabin: Big Everything, Big Fun - Alexis D. (WA, United States)

Big Foot’s Cabin: Big Everything, Big Fun Airbnb OMG! Fund Winners

9. Board Game Haven in Huge Stacked Dice - Olivia S. (SC, United States)

Tiny Dice House Board Game Haven in Huge Stacked Dice Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

10. Building That Blossoms Like a Flower - Pol G., Ireland

Building That Blossoms Like a Flower Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner Ireland

11. Bunch of Bedrooms in the Shape of Himalayan Fruit - Arun M., India

Bunch of Bedrooms in the Shape of Himalayan Fruit Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

12. Bush Plane in Alaska Ghost Town - Lisa B., United States

Bush Plane in Alaska Ghost Town Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

13. Cactus Cabin With Natural Hot Springs - Alie L., United States

Cactus Cabin Airbnb OMG! Fund Winners

14. Campsite With Caves as Rooms Built Into the Earth - Joanne C., Taiwan

15. Coconut Drifting in the Sea - Muhammad-Hakim A., Malaysia

Coconut in the Sea Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

16. Concrete Shelled Dome, Sustainable Off-Grid in Joshua Tree - Michael O.l, United States

17. Contemporary Pyramid in Epic Pine Forest - Jose L., Mexico

18. Cozy Giant Teapot and Cup Studio - Martinique B., United Kingdom 

Teapot Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner UK

19. “Crash Landed” Retro Luxury Airliner Fuselage and Cockpit - Jennifer C., United States

20. Desert Flower Opening to Star-Filled Sky - Abraham V., South Africa

Desert Flower Opening to Star-Filled Sky Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

21. DJ Booth Tower Mini Duplex - Jérémie, M., Thailand

22. Dome-House Floating in a Koi Fish Pond - Iacopo T., Japan

23. Dragon Egg in the Forest - Martí­n J., Argentina

Dragon Egg Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

24. Dragons Den Cave: Life-Sized Dragon Statue Atop Entrance - Julia N., United States

25. Eco Pyramid Bedroom Set at the Belly Button of the Land - Dominic H., Portugal

26. Eco-Igloo - Catherine W., Australia

27. Fallen Wine Bottle With a “Wine” Pool - Martino M., Portugal

28. Floating Avocado in an Avocado Farm - Ignacio M., Chile

Floating Avocado in an Avocado Farm Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

29. Floating Terrarium in the City - Mia P., United Kingdom

Floating Terrarium Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner Chile

30. Full Airplane House in Wonder Valley - Richard C., United States 

Airplane House in Wonder Valley Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
31. Galactic Glacier - Laura N., United States

32. Geodesic Planetarium and Observatory Dome - Nick M., United States

33. Ghost Town Gondola Town at 12,000 Feet - Ben C., United States

Ghost Town Gondola Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

34. Giant Camera Atop a Georgia Mountain - Matthew F., United States

Giant Camera Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

35. Giant Clog-Cabin in a Dutch Open Field - Jantine D., Netherlands

36. Giant Coyote Head Casita on the Rim of the Rio Grande - Johnny D., United States

37. Giant Fallen Redwood Tree in the Forest - Frank C., United States

Fallen Tree House Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

38. Giant Flower Pot on a Farm in Small Town Idaho

Giant Flower Pot Idaho Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
39. Giant Mirrored Disco Ball Glamping House on Wheels - Jeffrey H., United States

40. Giant Pig in Meadow at Pig Sanctuary - Tracey S., (TX, United States)

Giant Pig Sanctuary Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner41. Giant Pony Pad in the New Forest National Park - Jordan C., United Kingdom

42. Giant Red Mushroom, Cozy House in a Forest - David A., Mexico

43. Giant Tortoise Glass Shell for Stargazing - Reeyna D., United States

44. Giant Vintage TV Perched Next to a Lake - Melissa W., Canada

45. Grass-Roofed, Glass-Fronted Forest Adventure House - Kate C., Canada

46. Habitable Human Size Skep (Beehive) - Pam W., United States

47. Hansel and Gretel’s Chocolate House - Maria D., Argentina

Hansel and Gretel Chocolate House Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
48. Il Pino, the Pine-Shaped Cabin in the Alps - Luca B., Italy 

II Pino Cabin Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

49. Invisible Farmhouse in a Mango Orchard - Ankur A., India 

50. Jungle Eco Tree House With a Leaf Petal Shape - Elisa O., Mexico 

51. Kangaroom Floating Pod Style - Matt D., Australia 

Kangaroom Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

52. Kiwi Bird Nest With a Chicken-Eye View - Jacqueline Y., New Zealand

53. Land-Locked Cargo Ship House in Veracruz - Álvaro M., Mexico

Cargo Ship House Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
54. Helicopter on Ten Wooded Acres With a Creek - Emily L., United States

55. Lighthouse in the Ocean Outside a Swedish Summer Island - Martin R., Sweden

56. Livable Giant Coconut Made From Mud and Coconut Coir in the Tropical Region of Chiang Mai - Abhi A., Thailand

Cocohut Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
57. Livable Giant Fallen Tree in the Woods - J.R. S., United States

58. Livable Giant Fossilized Snail in the Desert - Diego Z., Mexico 

Giant Fossil Snail Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

59. Liveable Giant Mushroom Spaceship in the Middle of the Jungle - Pablo C., Mexico

Giant Mushroom Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

60. Livable Giant Troll Nestled in the Woods - Victoria G., United States

61. Livable Pop-Art Painting-Inspired Stay in Llano Desert - Jesse Y., United States

62. Luxury Live-In Bear With Epic Woodland Views - Bianca C., United States

63. “Mind the Gap” – An Up-Cycled London Underground Tube Carriage - Eloise S., United Kingdom

64. Mischievous Mango Mansion - Rajan E., India

65. Modern African Earth Retreat in the Bush - Juane V., South Africa

Modern African Earth Retreat in the Bush Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
66. Modern Cereal Lover’s Paradise - Trey P., United States

Cereal Lover’s Paradise Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

67. Monocoque Cabin, Organic Architecture at Peace With its Rural Site -Peter M., United Kingdom

68. Mushroom Mansion: A Farm to Nightstand B&B - Lenée G., United States

69. Orion Constellation: 10 Elevated Rooms in Oaxaca - Edmundo M., Mexico

Orion Constellation Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

70. Ozark Glass Dome Planetarium Treehouse - Natalie J., United States

Ozark Glass Dome Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

71. Portable Cheese Wedge-Shaped Cabins in Wisconsin - Etienne W., United States

72. Redwood Stump Tiny House in the Forest - Melanie S., United States

73. Rock Candyland Cottages - Justin M., United States

74. Salt Cave and Forest Dwelling With Glass Bottle - Liezel M., South Africa

75. Sculpture in the Woods - Julio V., Mexico

76. Solve a Mystery in a Restored 40s Railcar - Winston W., United States

77. Space Treehouse: A Futuristic Home for Sustainable Living - Daniel T., United States

78. Spend a Night With Your Honey… and Some Honey Bees - Jacob K., United States

79. Sprout House – The Incredible Farm Stay! - Milind S., India

80. Stargazing Sphere Suspended in the Rocks -  Orien R., United States

Stargazing Sphere Rock Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
81. Stargazing Stone Igloos - Jaco B., South Africa

82. Starhouse on Top of a Cliff - Andres C., Mexico

83. Stay in a Volcano On the Big Island of Hawaii - Cassandra R., United States

84. Sustainable and Habitable Giant Molar Tooth, Deep Within a Tropical Forest - Pewly D., India

85. Sustainable Beehive House in the Rainforest - Esteban A., Costa Rica

Rainforest Beehive Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
86. Sustainable Rammed Earth Desert Shelter Engaged Into the Landscape - Jonathan R., United States

Rammed Earth Shelter Airbnb OMG! Winners Design
87. The Big Smoking Volcano and the Sky-Perched Nest - Fabian C., Mexico

88. The First Bubble House in Mars: A Space Experience - Jorge B., Spain

89. The Golden Egg - Jennifer W., Ireland

90. The Nuthouse: Suspended, Hanging Giant Acorn Back in the Woods - Ty G., United States

91. The Ultimate Music Lover’s Hideaway - Madeleine T., United Kingdom

Ultimate Music Lover's Hideaway Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
92. Tire-Shaped House Made of Junkyard Tires - Kimberly S., United States

Tire House Airbnb OMG Fund Winner

93. Titan II Missile on Former USAF Base - GT H., United States

94. “Top Secret” Underground Atlas Missile Base, Abandoned by the Air Force - Matthew F., United States

95. Luxury Bubble On Top Of A Mountain - Timothy H., Australia

Luxury Mountain Bubble Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
96. Two Wooden Round Nests, Surrounded by Dreamy Blue Gardens - Nicolette T., United Kingdom

97. Ultimate Airbnb on Plane at an Airfield - Mary C., Australia

98. US-Skoolie as Mobile Airbnb in Germany - Marcus H., Germany
School Bus Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner
99. Viking Ship in the Northwoods of Minnesota - Elena M., United States
Viking Ship Airbnb OMG! Fund Winner

100. What It Feels Like to Live on Cloud 9 - Tia B., United States

Table of Winners:



Be sure to follow along on the progress of all these amazing stays! 

We’ll be documenting and sharing all of our progress as we build the Tiny Dice House through our socials and blog.

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